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Delicate Flowers
photograph of woman in forest with autumnal colours
Do You Feel The Call

to awaken, grow and reclaim your sovereignty ?

Long Lost Sisters Circle was brought into the world from a heartfelt desire to unite women in the sanctuary of Circle so that collectively we might rediscover what many of us feel has been lost or has yet to be found.

Women have been sitting in Circles for millennia so it's nothing new but right now, there is a quiet revolution going on the world over; in cities and villages, in sitting rooms and village halls, women are coming together to sit in Circle, share their stories and reconnect with their feminine wisdom. As Women, we wear many masks and play many roles but so few of us have a sacred space just for us.  Now more than ever, there is a need for women to have a space to come together to redeem their identities, their strength, and their feminine wisdom.

I'm Charlotte

and I believe in the power of women's Circles

Sitting in Circle is something so simple and yet, within the pocket of time we share, magic happens; It's the magic of feeling truly seen, heard and understood. We come to Circle to share our stories, our joy, our laughter, and our sorrow. When we share the truth of our experiences in this way, we start to feel the invisible thread of Sisterhood connecting us, we have the sense that we are part of something bigger; that we are interconnected. Sitting in Circle is an invitation to drop in and connect with yourself and the women sitting side by side with you, think of it as a radical act of self-care.  Each time we gather in Circle, we open the doors to reclaiming our wildest, most untamed and alchemical selves.

My Offerings
Kind Words

"Thank you for providing me with a safe space. My first time joining the long lost sister circle saw me sat with strangers , and yet there was an ease that you only normally feel amongst friends.  A place where I felt comfortable to dig deep and connect with my authentic self as well as the women around me"


"I couldn’t have felt more at ease in your circle. Your facilitation manner is exquisite, I felt held in a gentle, calm way, and you had awareness of how special and important the space was for us all. The alter set up was stunning and the atmosphere soothed me, which was much needed."


“I am always amazed at how circle can make me feel like I belong simply by showing up authentically and sharing whatever is most alive in me. Charlotte is a beautiful space holder and I felt very safe and held, I'll be joining again in the future!”


"I had never been to a Women's Circle before so I was very nervous and I wasn't sure if I would pluck up the courage to speak but Charlotte is so warm and welcoming, she put me at ease straight away.  There is something really powerful about sharing your story with other Women and not being offered any advice.  I left feeling on top of the world and that feeling stayed with me for days."


Field Sunset

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