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Yule Retreat Day

Sunday 8th December 2024 10.30-5PM

I am thrilled to invite you to our very first retreat day at The Elephant Rooms in Draycott, Derbyshire. This has been a dream of mine for quite some time, and I am overjoyed to finally bring this restorative full-day experience to life.


The retreat has been thoughtfully designed to guide you on a soul-nourishing journey through your mind, heart, and body. By the end of the day, you will leave feeling held, witnessed, revitalised, and well-resourced for the upcoming winter months.


A Seasonal Circle

First we will gather together in a seasonal Circle and celebrate the year that has been.  Like the plants and trees around us, we will let go of what no longer serves us, creating space in our hearts and minds to draw our energy inward so that we are fully resourced for the months ahead.

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Restorative Breathwork with Elle

Elle, our seasoned guide, will gently lead us through a transformative Breathwork session. It's a chance for us to weave together all the insights and emotions from our time in the Circle, allowing every inhale and exhale to anchor us deeper into the present moment. Through Elle's expert guidance, we'll emerge feeling not just present, but fully alive and invigorated, ready to embrace whatever lies ahead with renewed vitality and clarity.


A Nutritious Plant Based Lunch

We'll sit down together to savor a delicious plant-based lunch, accompanied by refreshing drinks and delightful desserts. It's a time to nourish our bodies, share stories, and connect with one another in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. It will be a wholesome meal, where every bite and sip enriches both body and spirit.

Gourmet Meal


Festive Wreath Making

We will conclude our day with a creative and enjoyable natural wreath-making session. As we craft our wreaths, we'll weave together the beauty of nature and our shared experiences from the day. This hands-on activity will not only provide a meaningful keepsake but also symbolise the circle of support and growth we've cultivated. 

The Exchange

  • Yule Retreat Day Early Bird Payment Plan

    Every month
    Pay £20 per month for six months for plans that start in June and July
    Valid for 6 months
  • Yule Retreat Day Pay In Full

    A day designed with all of you in mind
    Valid for one month
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