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My Story

Walking the path of

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I’ve come to realise that stories are in my bones.  Listening to them and giving voice to them, in any way I can. 

For over a decade I worked with people experiencing homelessness, enduring mental health difficulties, and addiction.  At the same time as doing this, I worked as a Photographer.  My camera has been my constant companion since I was around nine years old and as a Documentary Photographer, I have always endeavored to tell stories, particularly of those people who were the least heard and often living on the fringes of Society.  Not all of the stories were sad as you might expect; more often than not, I helped people give voice to their hopes, their dreams, and what they held dear.


For a very long time, I had felt called to do something more heart-led out in the world, particularly alongside other Women.  I found myself listening to the Women in my life; to their hopes, their dreams, and their fears.  I came to understand and resonate with their frustration, often feeling that they had lost their identities, that motherhood or work or Illness had left many of us feeling adrift and isolated. That the ‘always on’ culture of the modern world had taken something from us and all it had given us in return was an invitation to comparison and a fractured connection to our greatest resource, the natural world. Listening to these stories and ultimately my own heart sent me on a pilgrimage of sorts.  

Answering my calling has felt like crafting a rare tincture, requiring the perfect blend of time and patience. Each step had its rhythm, not to be hurried, and crucially, it demanded a period of quiet fermentation in the dark. Following my heart's call has transformed my life in a myriad of ways. It's as though I'm walking the path of remembering, delving deep into the reservoir of my cultural roots and ancestral heritage whilst learning to dance once again with the interconnected web of life.


I have found the life-affirming wisdom of other Women’s experiences has helped me make sense of my own.  Circle has taught me that I’m not broken and I do not need to be fixed. 


I feel embodied by this work that is a modern comprehension of what our ancestors did and have done for centuries.


I hope that you will accept my invitation to sit in Circle with me.  That you can come and give voice to what stirs in your heart. 

You are so welcome here.

With love,



Our Connection To The Natural World

Nature connection lies at the heart of all my offerings, whether it's creating nature altars or leading Circles and EcoNIDRA sessions in the woods. My connection and protection of the natural world is something I'm passionately devoted too. I see my work as an open invitation to connect with the interconnected web of life. It's a belief grounded in the understanding that what we hold dear, we'll defend fiercely and In these ever-more troubled times we’re living through, our beautiful and ailing earth needs us to be in caring relationship with it and so do the other-than-human beings who share this planet alongside us.


I feel that humanity is beginning to wake up to the notion that the Earth is not just a resource to exploit for our own ends but an intrinsic part of our being. 

As a student of Animism, Mythology, and The Work That Reconnects, I hold firm to the belief that well-rested, empowered, and nature-connected communities wield immense power for positive change.

Moreover, as an intersectional ecofeminist, I'm passionate about creating safe spaces for women to explore their identities outside of oppressive patriarchal structures that harm both women's lives and the natural world.

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Gratitude to my Teachers

Training and modalities

I am incredibly grateful to the many Teachers and practitioners who have supported me on my own journey of healing, belonging, and remembering. Everything I share in my work has been generously passed to me.
  • Sister Stories​ Circle Facilitation Training

  • Gather Circle Facilitation Training Mitle Southey

  • Celtic Studies: Myth, Tradition and Spirituality with Sharon Blackie

  • Heart Coherence: HeartMath Institute

  • EcoNIDRA Teacher Training

  • Practical Animism: Ancestral Medicine

  • Active Hope Foundations Training: Active Hope

Sharon Blackie, Gemma Brady @Sister Stories, Mitle Southey, Lisa Haydon-Bennet, Joanna Macy, Roshi Joan Halifax, Tara Brach, My Sister and inspiration Debbie Lincoln, Charlotte Joko Beck, James Bridle, Kat Novotna @EcoNIDRA, Dr Silvia Federici,

Sophie Strand

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