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What Are 
Women's Circles?

  • What happens at an online Circle?
    I hold my online Circles using the same format as my in-person Circles but we meet online using Zoom. You will need to find a quiet space at home, ideally with no interruptions. Bring a mug of something warm and nourishing and a candle and you'll be set. We keep ourselves muted when we are not sharing and unmute ourselves when there is something we'd like to say.
  • Do I have to have experience of meditation to participate in an EcoNIDRA session?
    Absolutely not! One of the many beautiful things about this practice is that you need no experience at all. You simply lay down, find a comfortable position and listen to my voice for fifty minutes. It's that simple.
  • Do I have to speak?
    There is no expectation at all to speak in Circle. There is real power in deeply listening to other Women share their experiences. I have come to learn so much about myself by listening and resonating with other Women's stories. You may well feel terrified at the thought of speaking up and sharing your truth, i've been there too but my hope is that you will come to find your voice, however quiet that voice is, however simple the story.
  • What are Women's Circles?
    Simply put, women gather in a group, in the shape of a circle with a common intention. Women’s Circles aren’t anything new, they’ve been around for thousands of years. Throughout history, women have sat in Circle for a diverse array of reasons, ranging from lunar gatherings and marking the seasons to stargazing, marking significant life transitions, and even hosting Tupperware parties! Today, there are various types of women's circles, each with its distinct character. Some lean towards spirituality, while others focus on marking the seasons or incorporate rituals like cacao ceremonies or drumming and sound baths to name but a few. Fundamentally, a Circle is an uncomplicated gathering where women sit in a circle around a central focal point, which might range from a simple candle to an intricate nature altar. The women sat in the circle do not offer advice or pass judgment. It's not intended as a form of therapy but rather a safe space for being heard and practicing the art of listening. The primary objective isn't to solve problems, it’s to take up space and be heard. We trust that each woman present is the heroin of her own story and we find solace in the realisation that we are not alone in our experiences. While my Circles are secular in nature, it doesn't mean they lack a sense of reverence. I infuse elements from the natural world into all my gatherings because the only altar I kneel at is that of nature itself.
  • Isn't it the same as meeting your friends for a chat?
    Circles are very different spaces to social spaces. I am a trained Facilitator and as such I hold the space so there is a container for us all to share confidentially. What is shared within our Circle will always remain within our Circle, we don't talk about what has been shared outside of the space. I create secular but sacred spaces for the Women attending my Circles, there will be some ritual; for example, lighting candles for our ancestors. The spaces I create both in person and online are thoughtfully curated each time. There is no advice giving, no comparison, no agenda, no gossiping! In Circle we speak what truly stirs in our hearts and we will be met with no judgment.
  • What are the Circle Agreements?
    WE DON'T GIVE ADVICE - We sit together on the premise that women need to be heard and not fixed. Each of us can tap into our own innate wisdom to find our own way and our own answers to our unique life experiences. This is the heart and soul of Circle space. THE SPACE IS YOURS - When a Sister is speaking they are able to share uninterrupted. Other members of the group are invited to drop into deep listening. BE MINDFUL OF THE GROUP - Circle members are invited to be mindful when sharing so everyone has the opportunity to speak in the time we have together. SILENCE IS WELCOME - Falling into silence can be as valuable as sharing. It's perfectly fine to share silence together. WE BRING OUR FULL PRESCENCE - To allow ourselves to be fully in the experience, I don't allow phones, alcohol or mind altering substances within the Circle.
  • What happens at an In-Person Circle?
    When you attend one of my in-person Circles, your senses will be greeted by music, scented candles, and myself as I welcome you over the threshold into Circle space. Long Lost Sisters Circles are secular but the space feels sacred and ceremonial. I really want you to have a sense that you are leaving your day-to-day life at the door. You will share the space with a group of around 4-10 Women and you will be invited to either sit on comfortable cushions on the floor or find a comfortable seat. There will be a beautiful foraged centerpiece in the middle of the Circle, the centerpiece is there to serve as a point of focus in our moments of silence and contemplation and as a reminder of our connection to nature and the earth. We will start with a grounding exercise and then I will start by asking a simple question that circulates around the Circle. There will be further meditation or perhaps poetry and then I open the Circle by lighting 3 candles. Once the Circle has been opened you are free to share whatever stirs in your heart that day. We take it in turns to share, we listen with open hearts and no one is interrupted or offered advice. As the Circle draws to a close, I will ask you all to reflect on how you're leaving the space and read a poem. The Circle is closed by blowing out the candles, together
  • I have never been to a Circle before, does that matter?
    Not in the slightest. After all, every journey begins with the first step. You don't need any experience other than your own unique lived experience of your life. I find that the more you attend Women's Circle the richer and deeper your experience becomes and by listening to other Women's shares, you come to know yourself better.
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