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A Love Letter To My Sisters

Dear Sister,

I see you. I see you spinning all of those plates and trying hard not to drop any.

I see your tenacity and your grit. I see you being knocked down and how you get yourself back up again, brushing yourself off and taking the next tentative steps into the unknown.

I hear your desires; the ones you keep close to your heart and only utter in the dark embrace of the early hours, where sleep didn’t find you, again.

I hear you when you say that the online world brings you no comfort with its constant invitation to compare and contrast. How it leaves you feeling that you are somehow lacking, that you aren’t enough.

I hear your fears about the planet and its marginalised inhabitants; animals and Humans alike. I hear you’re constant wondering, hoping, needing for people to wake up and take action.

I know you have so little time to call your own. That the thing you miss the most is walking in the hills with the sun on your face and the wind at your back, feeling connected to Mother Earth.

Sister, come to Circle.

In Circle, we can experience being held, tenderly. We can breathe, we can let go of the spinning plates, the roles, the masks, the comparison. Let them all slip away. We can explore whichever part of us arrives that day and come to know her better.

You may feel voiceless?

Come to Circle and come to know your voice. However quiet, your voice is welcome.

You may feel scared to speak your truth?

Then come to Circle with an open heart and a curious ear. You may come to know your own truths by hearing other Women share theirs.

Sister, come to Circle because the Patriarchy has left our voices dehydrated and our feminine wisdom has been dismissed.

Come to Circle to gather your energy, your identity and reclaim your innate wisdom.

Now is the time, this is the moment, Sister will you come?

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